About me

20130519_152455I was born in Carshalton Surrey (UK) in 1968, but I moved very young to Italy.

I attended a Classical Studies Lyceum in Milan and, later, the Faculty of Modern Literature of U.C.S.C., – Milan graduating, “Summa cum Laude” in Communications in 1992.

After ending  my military service, in 1993 I started teaching European History in the Lyceum I had attendend and, at the same time, I worked for the Institute of Communication of U.C.S.C.- Milan and attended a MA in Business Communication (Westminster University, 1993),

Since 1995 I started to work as copywriter and strategist consultant for various advertising agencies, obtained a specialization diploma as “Professional Advertiser” by the Italian Association of Professional Advertisers and, in 1996, opened my own business communication consulting agency, which was active for the following ten years (during which I will get engaged in school teaching and consultancy management at the same time).

In 2006 I took inscription to a D.A. course in Religious Studies (Bedford University, TX), ending it, Magna cum Laude, in 2008. In the same year I began to attend a joint MA – Ph.D. program at Newburgh Theological Seminary (IN), specializing in Biblical Studies (MA) and Church History (Ph.D. – Summa cum Laude), was ordained by the United New Testament International Church as Interfaith Minister (adopting a Liberal Arminian denominational preaching attitude) and became person in charge of UNTCI in Italy, also taking inscription to A.E.I. (Italian Evangelical Association). For the following two years I was mainly engaged in the field of ecumenism and religious dialogue, both in Italy and in the Middle East.

In 2010, following my theological studies, I abandoned the Trinitarian conception and adhered to Unitarian Universalism, being ordained as Pastor by “Unitarian Minsters International” (U.M.I.) and entering in C.U.I. (Comunione Unitariana Italiana), in the meanwhile obtaining a Master degree in Journalism (2011, FirstMaster – Milan, Summa cum Laude) .

In C.U.I. I studied, under the tutoring of Rev. Roberto Rosso, in Seminario Valdes (C.U.I. Unitarian Universalist Seminary) and in 2012, after having been C.U.I. person in charge for Ecumenism, I was ordained C.U.I. Pastor and person in charge for C.U.I. international relations (as such, I represented C.U.I. at I.C.U.U. “Kujenga Madaraja” International Meeting in New York, in december 2013). In July 2014 I was ordained Cult Minister (Rev.) by C.U.I. and, in September 2014, I attended the I.C.U.U. “2014 European Leadership School” in Kolozvàr, Romania,

Between December 2014 and November 2015 I joined the Unitarian Christian Emerging Church (UCEC) and became European person in charge for the Church development, ministering in “Master Jesus Christian Unitarian Church”,

In March 2015 I attended a course in “Religion and Conflict” at the University of Groningen.

Since November 2015 I got back to C.U.I., represented C.U.I. in 2016 I.C.U.U. International Meeting in Mennorode (NL) and now I go on following my bi-vocational career as school teacher and Unitarian minister.

Since 2006, I have been writing 18 books, both about religious history and ecumenism (2006-2012) and about UU history and spirituality (2012-2016) and more than 200 articles and short essays about verious subjects (European history, religious history, cultural studies, Middle Eastern culture, simbolism, Unitarian Universalism).