From “The Liberal Christian Herald” Special 25 years edition (16/08/2016)

I have been living and working in Italy for many years now and I am a minister of the CUI (Italian Unitarian Communion). I am also a member of the UCA and one could ask about the reason for an Italian minister to join a British Association. But for a sort of “tribute” to my origins in Surrey, I’d say there are two main reasons for my membership. The first one is that I consider UUism as a spirituality helping people to find their own path towards a deeper meaning of life and a deeper contact with the Transcendence. Well, Christianity has always been and still is my path towards these goals: a path naturally having the same dignity of any other path and that, in its liberal reading, deserves respect for all it can offer in term of teachings, moral identity and reference horizons to a contemporary quest for a deeper meaning. From time to time I happened to hear accusations of “fairy traditionalism” moved by other parts of the UU world towards the Christian Unitarians and I do believe that a Christian Association inside of the Unitarian big family can be fundamental in showing how wrong these claims are and in expressing the deep meaning of our choice. The second reason is that, living in Italy, I am often in contact with a very traditionalist, sometimes gloomy and stuffy version of Christianity, a vision which can’t provide an account of the eternal modernity of the Christian instances: it is, therefore, fundamental to me to support an Association being a voice of a different, free and liberal way to consider and live the Christian message in our contemporary society, so much in need of spiritual food. It is in this perspective that I am honoured to be part of the UCA and to celebrate its 25 th anniversary.

The Reverend Lawrence Sudbury is an Ital- ian Unitarian Minister who lives in Milan.

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