COMMUNIOI am a Christian Unitarian Minister inside of the broader family of Unitarian Universalism.

I was born with mixed religious roots, grew up as a Catholic, became an Arminian Interfaith Minister and, finally, converted to Unitarianism: ecumenism has always been a fundamental issue for me!

As a Christian Unitarian minister three pillars sustain my preaching:

1) the certitude of the uniqueness of God, whose core nature is and will always be mysterious to us, not allowing any fundamentalist approach or any dogmatic claim. I deeply agree with the immortal teachings of Master Jesus (though believing he was just a man like us) and try to follow them in my life but I don’t dare to impose them to anybody or to judge my neighbors having different ideas and spiritualities as I believe that any religious approach must always be characterized by freedom and liberalism;

2) the gratitude for the great gifts from God represented by rationality and freewill. No Faith, in my opinion, should ever deny the importance of these two fundamental elements, contraddicting them: they are the bases of the human centrality in the creation and they are the elements telling us how much the Eternal Father loved us. They are also our keys to get to know Him a little more, the springs to improve in our spiritual life and the weapons to fight against fear and every evilness;

3) the engagement to which we are called by our faith.I do beieve in “orthopraxis” (a concept of the great thelogian Panikkar): our faith calls us to be responsible to take care of the world, of our neighbors, to share the love we received and constantly receive from God. In so doing, no faith can be real and true if it doesn’t move us to action. Faith is not a label and 1000 prayers: it is a core instance of our life moving us to real actions putting our believes in practice.

This are the core values of my ministry, which, at the moment, takes place, in Milan and in the whole Italian territory, inside of the C.U.I. (Comunione Unitariana Italiana).